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This website is Accessible.

Below are a number of additional notes and recommendations of interest to visitors to the website who are using assistive technologies or mobile devices, or who may have restrictions on the use of Flash or Javascript due to company policy or device limitations.

Flash and Screen Readers and PDAs

If you are wanting to use a screen reader such as JAWS or Window-eyes to listen to the website then it is recommended that you use at least version 6 of Flash Reader, the latest version of which you can download quickly and easily from Macromedia.

Navigation and content is available even if you do not have Flash or Javascript activated.

However, you may find the website even easier to listen to (all those 'embedded flash' and 'flash button' phrases spoken by screen readers can get wearisome) by switching to the Low Graphics mode. This displays the same content and navigation but it has been created for users of screen readers and PDA's so that they get the content first, without Flash and Images.

Screen Reader Setting Recommendations

Users of screen readers should note that this site makes use of Title and Acronym, and so will gain more from the site if they configure their screen reader to pick up these attributes.

For users of JAWS we recommend the following sort order 'title|text|alt|href' as the best combination to set.