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SMC's Changing Process

SMC Meeting in Public

The Scottish Medicines Consortium meetings are now open to members of the public and press to observe, in line with SMC's commitment to openness and transparency.

Meeting in public will increase public awareness as to how evidence is assessed, interpreted and discussed, and the way that comments from Patient Interest Groups, pharmaceutical companies and clinicians inform how recommendations are made.

If you would like to observe an SMC meeting click here for the registration page.

Process Changes for End of Life and Very Rare Conditions

The Scottish Medicines Consortium has been asked to apply more flexible approaches to the evaluation of medicines used at the end of life and for very rare conditions. The new processes include the option of a Patient and Clinican Engagement (PACE) group. This will give patient groups and clinicians a stronger voice in SMC decision making. In addition, the assessment process for ultra-orphan medicines will involve a  broad decision-making framework.

For an overview of SMC's changing process click here.

This factsheet helps explain what can be expected from the PACE process.

What we do

The remit of the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) is to provide advice to NHS Boards and their Area Drug and Therapeutics Committees (ADTCs) across Scotland about the clinical and cost-effectiveness of all newly licensed medicines, all new formulations of existing medicines and new indications for established products (licensed from January 2002). Read more on what we do.

Submission Process

Guidelines for Industry

In this section you will find Guidelines for the Pharmaceutical Industry on our submission process.

Guidelines for Patient Involvement Groups

In this section you will find Guidelines for Patient Interest Groups on our submission process.

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The SMC is a consortium of NHSScotland’s 14 Health Boards.  It was established in 2001 to benefit patients by providing NHSScotland with a single source of advice about the value of each new medicine and the patients for whom it would be of most benefit. 

Its advice also helps to facilitate the early introduction of beneficial treatments across Scotland.

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SMC Advice

Latest Advice

Briefing Note

A monthly Briefing Note is produced to provide a summary of SMC advice. It is written to help members of the media and other interested groups understand the work and advice of the Scottish Medicines Consortium.

Forthcoming Submissions

The Scottish Medicines Consortium meets monthly on the first Tuesday of each month. Click here to view forthcoming submissions that have been scheduled for assessment over the coming 2/3 months.